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A Time Of Change After The Pandemic

2020 was a year of biblical proportions, fires, floods, earthquakes and globally dominated by a deadly virus. It is a fair assessment to say there is a sense of feeling battle weary.

During periods of lockdown and restrictions our access to technology has connected us to the outside world. There has been the opportunity to reflect on our lives, who we are and what we do. Many are questioning the career paths taken, life’s direction and the choices made.

The pandemic has forced an awakening or increased awareness of the wider environment and social issues. Disgruntlement about social injustice has nipped at core values triggering a desire for change or at least to begin conversations. The plight of the planet has prompted behaviour change to support conservation on a small or larger scale. Shifts in ideology are a springboard for action for positive change.

The swinging sixties brought a revolution against hostilities and brutality, instead opting for love, peace and freedom. There existed a movement for change beneath flower power, a rebellion against the harsh conditions previously endured, the result of a pressure cooker existence and a desire for a freer way of living and being.

A friend remarked that following the Spanish Flu pandemic following World War 1, then came the roaring 20’s, a period synonymous with frivolity and decadence. History teaches us that eras of struggle and austerity are often followed by times of fun and merriment.

At first glance my epic list of intentions for 2021 appear to be largely centred around food. However, the food is the setting, the main event is seeing and meeting people, although I confess to being prone to daydreaming about a good cappuccino.

How will you be different in 2021? What do you intend to do in a world without tiers, lockdowns or restriction of movement?

I’m not suggesting everyone packs in their jobs and relocate to a Nordic yurt to live a self sufficient lifestyle, however appealing that may sound. While it’s tempting to make life changing decisions when living with constraints, adapting to a new normal will be change enough. Coronavirus has thrust change upon us which has been out of our control. There will be adjustments for those who have lost careers and businesses through the pandemic. While many have hope in the future the people who passed away in 2020 remain absent in 2021 leaving loved ones processing and managing the loss and change.

As the vaccines are being rolled out the potential of stepping out when spring and summer are beckoning feels positive, symbolic of new beginnings after a long hard winter.

Do we want to go back to the way we were before? We’ve taken stock and hopefully soon enough we will be in a position to reclaim control about daily and long term decisions. An opportunity to embrace all that has been missing over the year and put into practice what we have learned about ourselves. This may be renewed patience and appreciation for loved ones, valuing and caring for the environment, authentic commitment to self care, better life / work balance or cherishing time spent in the company of friends.

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