Although Being Better is a private practice, our backgrounds are from the social sector

and being part of the local community is extremely important to us.

Over the past year we have provided regular workshops and group sessions for

Greatwood & Horseclose Women’s group, Cancer Support Yorkshire and Settle

Community and Business Hub.  We are committed to supporting local charities and

events wherever possible.

We were fortunate to be awarded a contract with YMCA Liverpool & Sefton and

Newstart at RISE Recovery Services working in the Harm Reduction Women’s Service

and providing Concerned Other Support in the Residential Rehabilitation Service.

Since 1996 I have worked in community and residential settings providing therapeutic interventions with people from diverse backgrounds with a range of issues including:  anger management, drug & alcohol misuse (illicit & prescription / over the counter drugs) domestic abuse, childhood abuse / trauma, depression, anxiety, low self esteem / confidence, enduring suicidal ideology, relationship issues, managing stress, time management, improving well being, career changes, changes to diet and health & wellness.  Basically, things in life making you unhappy or giving you or others cause for concern. We all become rudderless from time to time and there’s no shame in having help to steer us in the direction we want to be going in.

For many years I had the good fortune to manage and coach staff to provide therapeutic psychosocial interventions.

I am a practitioner of motivational interviewing technique which is recognised as the most effective evidence based approach when working with people misusing alcohol / drugs or engaged in other addictive behaviours.

I have a diploma in life coaching. I am also trained in solution focused and cognitive behaviour therapy and have a diploma in neuro linguistic programming. My commitment is to providing qualitative interventions to support people to achieve their goals and feel better.

My husband David is in recovery from alcohol use. This has probably been most instrumental in highlighting to me the challenges people face when overcoming addiction or who generally have a desire to be and feel better.

Personally, I have experienced loss, trauma and stressful times. I continue on a journey of developing my own being and emotional wellness.

Since opening Being Better 2 years ago I joined SWIFT (Support for women, providing inspiration, friendship and training).  The group provides networking and training opportunities for women in business in the Skipton area as well as supporting local charities.  I was thrilled to be asked to be a member of the sub committee and look forward to the coming year.

I continue to post a monthly Being Better Blog.  I have had articles and blogs published on the following sites.  The Huffington Post, The Yorkshire Press, The Skipton Press and Become Clothing.  I write a monthly health & lifestyle column for The Craven herald.

Corinne Yeadon

I have been in recovery from alcohol misuse since 2011 but continue on a path of emotional recovery.  Addressing my drinking was only the first step, I now realise the hard work was looking at what led me down that path in the first instance then accepting that things could be better. I know that initially it is crucial to “do” things differently in order for stability but

without “being” different any positive changes are unlikely to be sustained.

One of the most significant changes for me was to embark on a career using my experiences to benefit others experiencing addiction or binge drinking.  I trained in motivational  interviewing technique & mapping, harm reduction, SMART recovery and relapse prevention. I have worked with many people at varying stages of recovery on a 1:1 basis and also facilitated

groups and structured programmes.  

I have worked with many individuals with varying levels of severity of drug / alcohol use.  While I acknowledge that using drugs / alcohol to a physically dependant level can cause chaos I have also observed the problems caused by episodic binge drinking and the detrimental impact on health, relationships, employment – all aspects of life.  

I want to be clear if you have a desire to change and for things to be better, it’s do-able and not an uphill struggle.  I am committed to doing everything I can to support you to make changes.  I do not have the power to fix you, only you have that but I can help you tap into that power!


I volunteer once a week at Greatwood and Horseclose Community Centre, gardening and doing odd jobs. I am pleased to say that earlier this year I was invited to become a member of the board of trustees.

I look forward to working alongside you and to support you in Being Better.

David Yeadon


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