•  How many sessions will I need?

Each person is unique with their individual experiences and situation therefore this cannot be predicted.  We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.  Some people may require brief interventions or may elect for a more gradual process.  There is an expectation that people engaged in a short programme of therapy will undertake additional tasks external to sessions in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Do you work with under 18's?

No.  We work with adults only in the belief that they already possess a skill set and resources through their life experiences which can be developed to help them achieve their desired goals. We can signpost to therapeutic practitioners who specialise in working with young people.

  • Are you accessible via public transport?

Yes, Skipton is accessible by bus and train, see Contact us page for our location.

  • Are you able to provide an alcohol or drug detoxification?

No, we are not medical practitioners but can provide information and guidance about this process.

  • Are you able to contact employers, solicitors etc to confirm I am seeking help.

Yes, we can provide written statements / reports as evidence of engagement in therapy, which would detail attendance, engagement, progress and prognosis, for the purpose of employers or any legal proceedings.  A confidentiality consent waiver would need to be signed to release information to a third party.  NB there is a standard charge for this.

  • What can I expect during my first session?

While the first session consists of gathering and clarifying information, it is our intent that at the close of the session you can expect to have some insight and strategies for moving forward.

  • Are there any reasons which would exclude someone from accessing Being Better?

While we have the right to refuse to provide a service, each person will be given equal consideration.  Our premises are reached by stairs, however there is also a lift available.  We will make every effort to be flexible and accommodate individual requirements. 

  • I would prefer to meet in a public place, is this possible?

We do not recommend meeting in a public place such as a café or restaurant due to confidentiality and privacy.  However, we will be as helpful and flexible as possible in order to meet your needs.

  • Do you only work with people from the Skipton area?

No, we understand that people often feel more comfortable accessing therapy away from where they live and work to preserve anonymity.  We do not have geographical restrictions or limits and also offer video and telephone sessions.

  • I work full time, could I be seen during the evening or weekend?

Yes, we understand that people have busy lives and aim to be as flexible as possible.


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