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All Sessions Are By Appointment Only

We use a range of evidence based techniques and approaches including:  life coaching, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuro linguistic programming and solution focused behaviour therapy.

We acknowledge that as individuals we have different experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Therefore we accept that a programme of therapeutic interventions is unique to each individual if it is to be successful.  One size doesn’t fit all!

You can expect:
*  An assessment of your current and historical situation.

*  Regular sessions to be negotiated between you and your therapeutic practitioner.

*  To identify patterns of positive  / problematic behaviour and decision making.

*  To explore helpful / unhelpful thinking.

*  To identify your strengths and resources to support you in achieving your goals.

*  To support you to manage your feelings around change, even positive change can be daunting.

*  To develop insight into core beliefs and values and how they impact on your behaviour.

*  To develop self belief, aspirations and transfer into achievable goals.

*  To eliminate or overcome barriers / challenges preventing you from being who you want to be.

* Corinne has written an ebook, focusing on her personal journey of managing anxiety.  Anxiety – Corinne Lifts the veil can be downloaded to kindle, ios or android device using the kindle app.  Our self help guide to understanding and living with anxiety is available to buy by clicking here.

Our purpose is to equip you with insight and tools to being better, feeling better and staying better.

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