“Last August we were referred to Corinne to help us try and understand what was happening to us both as a couple and on an individual basis related to my daughter’s alcohol addiction and associated problems.  We had both unknowingly come to, or at least very close to the end of our tether and didn’t know which way to turn or what to do for the best.  After speaking with Corinne for as little as ten minutes all the emotion came to the surface.  The relief of being able to speak to someone who understood what we were going through and also to be told its okay to feel angry, sad in fact to embrace the whole range of emotions and not feel guilty.  Corinne started the process of empowerment (our empowerment) she helped us to understand that saying no is not wrong, that being selfish and thinking of ourselves is not wrong.  Corinne has been one of the best listeners and at the same time a person who gives great advice and with that coping mechanisms.  She has a very calm persona allows you talk openly as well as telling you that you are the forgotten people most affected by a loved one who is an alcoholic.

As the weeks passed and we continued to meet with Corinne it seemed the fog was slowly lifting, what Corinne did for both myself and my partner was to show us that underneath the battered exterior was a strength we thought we might never feel again.  Knowing you’re not responsible for your grown daughter’s behaviour and accepting it are very different things. Over the months we’ve gotten stronger at setting the boundaries and not enabling the same patterns of emotional dependency, it’s been hard to start with but the difference has been incredible. We’re not always weary of the unknown number, or jumping to assume a call or text from my daughter is a cry for help or a crisis.

The relationship we now have with my daughter is like someone you haven’t seen for a long time. Almost like renewing a friendship, but with a much closer bond. In essence, starting again. We’re still finding our way with it, but we’re cautiously optimistic. Corinne has helped us to have the tools and coping strategies in place if there is a relapse, and we know we don’t have to rescue her from them.

It is difficult to put into words how much Corinne helped us. To sum up she has extended a hand and walked with us down a very dark path and without wishing sound too dramatic lead us to a place where we feel in control and so much stronger.

Thank you to the RISE Rehab for such a fantastic opportunity, we had been on our own in this for two years and this was the first time we felt like someone was reaching out to help us. On a more personal note, thank you so much Corinne and it has been a pleasure to have met you, and thank you for the very apt observation that more beautiful things can be created from something that was once broken. You helped reignited my passion for creating art, the first piece I did is in your hands.”

C & G, Liverpool




"I was feeling sad and confused and very stuck in a bad situation when I first met Corinne. Her warmth, unconditional positive regard and acceptance made it possible for me to open up, reflect in a focused and productive way, and make the right decisions about my future.  Corinne has been there with me every step of the way, and even now, after I have made positive changes, she is still there when I need her to provide support and insight.  In particular, she has helped me learn to enjoy my successes and to feel comfortable with the happiness and peace I feel in my new situation.  Corinne is solution-focused, pragmatic, and extremely smart, and has an ability to think outside the box which I found very very helpful.   Although we worked on relationship issues together, I believe Corinne has the flexibility and wisdom to be highly effective with a variety of clients with a variety of issues.  She is simply the best."


Anon, North Yorkshire


"Corinne has been an amazing person for me to talk to whilst guiding me, recognising certain aspects of my behaviour/thoughts that I wouldn’t have done on my own.

I have always stepped out feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders and a release from speaking to her. 
Corinne has supported me in overcoming challenges and having an impact towards my thinking/self-talk in a really positive manner.
I have recommended Being Better services to friends, family and I would to anyone!" 


HS, North Yorkshire



"Thank you for continuing to support my son.  I really wish you could see him in person, because he looks absolutely amazing!!!

He has put weight in the right places, he walks and cycles to keep fit.  He calls up to see us or makes phone contact everyday and we feel like we have our wonderful son back.  He chats and laughs and reminisces with us about his happy childhood. He now makes me cry with happiness."

Concerned Other, Skipton


"It is impossible to express fully enough just how integral Corinne has been to my journey through one of the most challenging times of my life.When my default position was to believe in the negatives Corrine enabled me to identify my inner strengths whilst always treating me with positive regard.


To be able to talk honestly and openly with Corinne about the situation I found myself in diluted the power of the negative and gave me hope for the future


I will always think of Corinne as a major positive influence as I move on into the future and a new life."

Anon, North Yorkshire

Workshop Feedback

* Fantastic morning – positivity, acceptance, warm, friendly, validation, affirmation.  Thank you Corinne & David.

* I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  Corinne and David delivered some very helpful techniques, which are very inspirational and putting many concerns into perspective.  It’s great to hear others stores which are very relatable, thank you.

*  Good to share, got lots of useful tips, helpful advice.

* Great company, nice to have the opportunity to reflect on ourselves.  Funny and light hearted.

* Good to share experiences so that you don’t feel like the only one.

* Really great session, great tips for change.  Thank you.

* The workshop was really enjoyable and great to discuss anxiety openly with people who understand the symptoms and effects of anxiety.

* As always a great workshop. Very informative and thought provoking.  I love that I have positivity and tools to take away.



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