I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with my husband and getting him sorted, you’ve honestly saved him, kept a marriage going, and a family together. I will continue to recommend you highly. 


J, Skipton, North Yorkshire




I survived the 1 year anniversary yesterday.  I think a lot to do with how I coped was down to what you taught me so thank you.  Thanks for the help you have given me get to where I am. I wanted you to see how you helped me deal with a very difficult weekend.  Thank you.


S, West Yorkshire


I love following your page and the messages you put out into the space...loved working with Dave and was just chatting tonight with my partner about the people who have supported our journey and helped shape our lives. Your 2 special people and provide a heartfelt service with passion. 


A, Keighley


I have been made to feel that I am a valued and important part of the support surrounding my loved one’s recovery from addiction. The approach from Being Better is both straight talking and insightful but also full of respect and compassion.   I believe this has been pivotal in helping my loved one make significant progress within the therapy and it has also helped me see clearly the hard work my loved one is doing and understand better the issues involved. As a result the relationship between me and my son/loved one has improved a great deal, becoming much more open and honest.  Being Better has provided excellent therapy with their wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding. It is helping my loved one move forward in a way that nothing else has. I know that my son has a safe space to go to each week and that he comes away feeling positive and motivated in a way that stays with him for the rest of the week. We also receive an email with a therapy update after each session and that helps us both to continue to communicate and learn about each other.  In our experience, Being Better goes well above and beyond the norm. Although my loved one primarily has addiction troubles these are deeply rooted in childhood trauma and Being Better has been able to address any and all of these issues as and when they arise. I can therefore recommend Being Better confidently to anyone for anything.



I can’t overstate how helpful Being Better has been for me. Ever since I was a young teenager and my entire adult life I have almost constantly been attending some form of counselling or therapy. There always seemed to be a kind of battle between me and the therapist, an act that I would put on in an attempt to hide important truths while presenting the appearance of someone who was engaging and succeeding in becoming better. So I never really made any genuine progress. But when I started at Being Better I quickly felt a connection and a level of understanding that I don’t think I’d ever experienced before and I felt that I would not be able to deceive this therapist nor would I want to and that started me on a path of disclosing things and discussing things in a much more open and authentic way than I ever had.


I started to confront things in myself like the habit of dishonesty, not only with therapists but in all my relationships and although it was painful to see these ‘faults’ in myself so clearly it was something I could cope with because Corinne/my therapist could explain to me so well why I had these patterns of behaviour – where they had come from and why I used to need them and all the while gave encouragement, praise and recognition for the fact that I was confronting these things in myself and trying to overcome them. 


Through the high level of experience, knowledge, empathy and understanding I receive at Being Better I have been able to change the way I see and feel about myself and learn a lot about the reasons I was the way I was and am the way I am. Through my time with Being Better there has also always been an element of working to improve my relationship with my family, with whom things like trust had been badly damaged through years of my addiction troubles. It’s hard to find words that adequately express the amount of progress there has been in this regard. I have learnt so much and changed internally in irrevocable ways that have allowed me to be part of my family again and I’ll always be grateful to Being Better for helping me along that path.


I’ve constantly experienced a level of care well above what I first expected from a therapist that I see for an hour once a week. They are always available and my sessions have a direct impact on me each day of the week, often having planned out things I can do through the coming week at the session. I am now in the habit of journaling daily to track progress and record thoughts and events for future use. This is a level of continued effort and motivation on my part that I’ve never had before and I credit this largely to the improved quality of life I’ve achieved directly through working with being better.


Workshop Feedback

* Fantastic morning – positivity, acceptance, warm, friendly, validation, affirmation.  Thank you Corinne & David.

* I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  Corinne and David delivered some very helpful techniques, which are very inspirational and putting many concerns into perspective.  It’s great to hear others stores which are very relatable, thank you.

*  Good to share, got lots of useful tips, helpful advice.

* Great company, nice to have the opportunity to reflect on ourselves.  Funny and light hearted.

* Good to share experiences so that you don’t feel like the only one.

* Really great session, great tips for change.  Thank you.

* The workshop was really enjoyable and great to discuss anxiety openly with people who understand the symptoms and effects of anxiety.

* As always a great workshop. Very informative and thought provoking.  I love that I have positivity and tools to take away.



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