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* We are keen to ensure that one to one therapy is as accessible and as affordable as possible, please contact for information about fees.

* We realise selecting a therapeutic practitioner is a big step therefore we offer an initial assessment appointment by telephone free of charge which will last approximately 30 minutes.  There is no obligation to access further sessions.  


* Zoom and telephone sessions are provided at a reduced rate.

* We feel that a session should focus on you and financial transactions hinder the therapeutic process, therefore financial arrangements can be conducted prior to the appointment or at the close of the session.

Payments for face to face sessions at Craven Hall can be made by card, cash or direct bank transfer.  Zoom, telephone and other video sessions are direct payment only.

* We can provide letters / statements / reports of engagement in therapy for employers or to support legal proceedings. This may incur a charge..

* We appreciate that it's not always possible to provide adequate notice for cancellation of appointments, however if this is repeated we may require a non refundable deposit prior to further bookings.

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