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Me First!

When travelling on an aeroplane, we are instructed to ensure our own oxygen mask is secured before tending to others. This is vital to our survival and the survival of others. I would wager that we should transfer this way of being and thinking to our everyday existence. If we adopted this our wellbeing and resilience would be at its max, we would probably have some reserves for the inevitable ups and downs that life throws at us.

It’s not selfish, its sensible. How can we meet the needs of others if we are so depleted and run ragged? Think about yourself as a tree and gather in your roots to nurture yourself before providing shelter for others.

  • Sleep structure, set a bedtime routine, if you need a nap at other times, you’re overtired, do it! If you were abroad it’s called a siesta not being lazy.

  • We are not lone wolves, ask for / accept help from others.

  • Go outside, there is benefit to walking, eating outdoors, looking at a view that calms and inspires.

  • Talk and listen to like minded people.

  • Identify pastimes which are effective in lifting your mood or instilling calm.

  • Identify a safe space for yourself, a bolthole.

  • Create independent interests away from loved ones.

  • Don’t be afraid to say no! Don’t over commit yourself.

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