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It's Getting Lighter

There’s nothing worse than the days beginning to get lighter and your mood is not following suit. Things can rapidly spiral when your inner voice starts berating you for suffering from a winter hangover and not feeling bright and motivated.

Be gentle with yourself and consider what makes you happy and lifts your spirits?

For me, sunshine, blue sky, being near the sea or a lake, panoramic views or donkeys, to name a few are guaranteed to brighten my day.

It’s good to remind yourself of the things that have a positive impact, make a list and keep adding to it.

Some may be do-able immediately, it could be a particular piece of music, or a photograph that evokes a special memory. Some can be transferred to a “To Do” list. If it’s costly and unrealistic adapt it to make it achievable, it doesn’t have to be completely written off.

  • Buy a book and make a list.

  • Decide a time frame.

  • Identify what needs to happen.

  • Adapt.

  • Plan

  • Do

We are so fortunate to have the world at our fingertips through the internet, not just for research and information but also to reach like minded people.

Social media can be really helpful in connecting with people from your past or people separated by geographical distance. There are also a plethora of groups available to join.

Outings needn’t be costly, it’s worth signing up for email newsletters about free events in your area. Facebook also has upcoming events that tend to be low cost or free.

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