Being Better, Feeling Better, Staying Better.


Being better is now moving in to it's fourth year of providing 1:1 therapy for the people of Skipton and surrounding areas.

We have over 30 years of experience of providing therapy & treatment.

We provide private, confidential, discreet therapy for lifestyle changes, changing daily habits, managing stress & anxiety, improving self esteem & confidence, adapting to loss & change, overcoming low mood, managing relationships, decluttering your life and having a work / life balance.

We are specialists in addictions, however we are also experienced in working with individuals who feel their drinking is increasing and want to regain some control before it becomes a problem.

We also provide specialist therapeutic sessions to people affected by their loved ones drinking / drug use.

We continue to provide services to the people of Skipton and beyond.

We have made the decision to continue restricting sessions to video and telephone for the time being and will review providing face to face sessions on an ongoing basis. 


Any developments will be posted on the website and social media.

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